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 Navigating Your Child's Health Crisis
from a Cancer Mom

Author, Educator, Speaker

Meet Laura

Childhood Cancer & Women's Advocate

I am a cancer mom and advocate for parents of children with cancer and other chronic illnesses. 

My experience with my child's diagnosis, and subsequent life experiences with life, death, and even mudslides have led me to become a passionate advocate not only for parents of kids with cancer, but also women - helping them learn to advocate for themselves, their friends, family, and partnerships.

I live in Northern California smack in the middle of the towering Redwoods, the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz, and the innovation of Silicon Valley. Our three daughters are grown and flown and live deliciously nearby. Together, we continue our family commitment to thrive through everything that life brings our way.

Our family then...

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Cecilia & me then..

Cecilia & me now!

Lang-Ree Family-80.jpg

Our family now!

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Parents of Kids with Cancer

Advocacy for Kids with Chronic Illnesses 

Childhood Education during Crisis

Boundary Setting

Women's Advocacy for Self, Friendships and Partnerships

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